Updating erb Aisan sexevideo

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Updating erb

Currently what I'm using and the problem is the file will be read only once (when the user enters the url).Also because of the specifics of my task refreshing the page is not an option.

I tried the code and it doesn't seem to work for some reason (when I change the contents of my_the page doesn't get updated after waiting if I don't refresh). So, please put an alert in the function that you are calling from the set Interval() and see if the function is actually getting called. After fixing 1 and 2, if the problem still exists, please review the response returned by the Ajax call. Finally, put some logging statements in your sinatra app file to see if the behaviour is as expected.

If it matters I'm using Sinatra on Thin server with Ruby 2.0.

require 'sinatra' require 'json' get '/' do f = File.open("/home/abcd/my_file.txt","r") @contents = f.read() f.close() erb :home end get '/read_file' do f = File.open("/home/abcd/my_file.txt","r") contents = f.read() f.close() if request.xhr?

All I have are deployment orders)Thank You Jonathan Originally posted by aznsniper305: So it is possible to update the ERB using a prior DD214 that is correct??

All I have are deployment orders)Thank You Jonathan In the e Milpo system, the award number is needed to add it to your records.

updating erb-79updating erb-63updating erb-40

The Soldier will present the source document foraddition to the ERB.