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Tito ortiz who is he dating

But on Saturday, the first American superstar of the modern MMA era has a chance to once again hold a legitimate title, 18 years after his journey began.

Ortiz turns 41 in January and his competitive lifespan is nearing its end.

“The only person that I know that made money using their mouth was his ex-wife.” Jameson got wind of Sonnen’s comments and tweeted her response saying, “First dumb thing I’ve heard Chael say…

Now, in the latest turn of events, Tito has released CCTV footage shot from within the home he shared with Jameson before it was foreclosed on earlier this year.

The videos show Jameson drinking straight from what appears to be a wine bottle at several points throughout the day, oft times with her children in the same room with her, playing on a computer unattended.

The social media warfare has reached the boiling point several times, with shots being fired from both sides.

Jameson, who has been on a media whirlwind tour promoting her new book, Sugar, has appeared dazed and confused on television interviews, has had a complete meltdown on the Opie & Anthony show, and recently went back to her old career of pornography, despite having declared 5 years ago that she would 'Never, ever open her legs on camera again.

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"The things I've been through, I shouldn't be where I am," he says.

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