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Sandy grushow dating

An outrageous new American TV show which tempts participants to be unfaithful to their partners and have sex with other people is causing a storm of protest.

Temptation Island, which starts today in the US, consists of six, one-hour long episodes.

The contestants then have the chance to vote off the island the people they think their partners find most attractive.

The winner - the person who avoids all temptation - will walk off with a cash prize.

"This is not a show, as you will see, that is about sex," said Sandy Grushow, chairman of the Fox Television Entertainment Group.

"This is a show that is exploring the dynamics of serious relationships." Still, Fox tested participants for sexually transmitted diseases, part of an effort by TV networks to be extra careful about the background of reality show participants.

“If this was traditional short-form content, I would have said ‘Thank you,’ and moved on,” Grushow said.

Four young, unmarried couples test the depth of their commitment by separately spending time on a steamy island paradise off the coast of Belize.

There they date members of a 26-strong team of scantily-clad hunks and babes.

Among the attractive 'bait' brought on to the island to tempt the contestants are a former cheer-leader of a US basketball team, a former Playboy model, a beauty queen, the founder of an online dating service and a massage therapist.

Religious leaders and family groups have condemned the show as 'trash' and say it endeavours to prise couples apart.

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","description":"Several Groups Attack \u0027Temptation Island\u0027","url":"https:\/\/ Id":"9d1f4334-8c88-11e2-b06b-024c619f5c3d","show Zeros":false}' Fox television says its racy new reality series, Temptation Island, is not about sex but the show's participants were tested for sexually transmitted diseases.