Dating restaurant owner

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Dating restaurant owner

Customers left a shocking message on their receipt after dining at an Italian restaurant in San Antonio, Texas on Friday.

The note said that although the food and service were good, they would not be returning because the owner was Mexican The entire message reads: 'The food was tasty and the service was attentive.

The success was such that the inn naturally took over the name of Crocodile.

With a length of more than three metres, the historical saurian is still dominating the main dining room of the restaurant.

Customers at an Italian restaurant left a shockingly racist message for the owner, saying they would not return because he was Mexican.Looking to feel like you’ve traveled abroad without leaving the comfort of West Hollywood?SUR Restaurant, featuring eclectic cuisine, brings a taste of the exotic to the trendy corner of Melrose and Robertson.Teage Ezard is recognized as one of Australia’s most enduring chef and restaurateurs.He manages several high end restaurants in Melbourne (EZARD and Gingerboy) and the Yarra Valley (ezard @ Levantine Hill).

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in a building dating back to 1915 that once housed Gouvia's old bakery, Vergina Restaurant first opened for business in 1996.