Dating omega watches serial number

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Dating omega watches serial number

With my usage and carrying style, it gains two seconds a day which is outstanding! It is now sitting on my desk here at work ticking happily away.

The included chain / knife fob has come in very handy; thank you....

Data may not be accurate for Limited Edition Speedmasters and Speedmasters with cal. This serial number data item not given in Hartmann’s data but empirically derived from a consensus of users in various internet Omega collector forums.

Seems to occur most frequently with Omega Speedmaster Mark II models.

Hi Darryl, just wanted drop you a lone and tell how happy I am with my watch.

It's been one month since I received it and along with being in pristine condition it works flawlessly and keeps perfect time. Thanks David Sent from my i Pad The watch has been running flawlessly!

Some American watch brands did not use a consistent series of serial numbers, but most of the big manufacturers did.

Data adapted with permission from “Omega Speedmaster Evolution” by Roman Hartmann.You should consult the serial number table for the specific brand of watch movement you are trying to date by selecting a company from the menu on the left.Not all vintage watches can be dated using the serial number. It's everything you said it an earlier French development by Ch. Guillaume, and c.1930 Hamilton bought the right to the exclusive American right to use Elinvar. This watch that I purchased from you (Omega Louis Brandt C. R) is incredible and I've received nothing but praise for from my watch expert collector friends on the rarity and condition on my new acquisition.

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It was easily damaged if not handled with great care by watchmakers and was known to sag, causing position errors or worse, and there were claims that some of its characteristics changed with aging.

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