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Dating of beowulf harvard

At this conference a wide variety of dates for the composition of the poem of Beowulf ranging from the end of the 7were put forward.Whether by evil intent or not, the result was a profound tectonic shift in the understanding of the poem, which through these machinations was handed over to a long series of literary critics of all ilks and genders. Biggs'Give the People What They Want': Historiography and Rhetorical History of the Dating of Beowulf Controversy - Michael D.

Harvard University's English Department, with support from the Morton Bloomfield Trust and the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library, will be hosting a conference entitled "The Dating of Beowulf: A Reassessment" on September 23 – 24, 2011. We invite scholars to supplement, evaluate, or interrogate the scholarship on the dating of Beowulf that has emerged over the last three decades.

We welcome both highly specific investigations as well as holistic attempts to integrate the findings of various approaches.

Presentations should be no longer than twenty minutes.

Now the time had come to explore the poetic qualities of the poem without having to consider its “Sitz im Leben”, its cultural context or even worse, come to grips with the complicated evidence presented by the linguistic, philological, phonological, palaeographical or metrical experts, who had for a long time plodded ahead trying to understand this enigmatic and beautiful poem in its cultural and historical context.

Instead the time had arrived for New Critics to “own the field”.

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By exploring evidence for the poem's date of composition, the essays in this volume contribute to a wide range of pertinent fields, including historical linguistics, Old English metrics, onomastics, and textual criticism. MEDIAEVISTIK This is a magnum opus, which liberates the text for all the "others" - the cultural historians, the archaeologists, the art-historians etc.

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