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Blair redford dating

is pretty well intentioned as television shows go—it tries really hard to be family oriented, embrace and represent diversity, and promote awareness about disability, and specifically deafness.

If you have never seen it, Switched at Birth is about exactly what the title suggests: two baby girls, Bay and Daphne, are switched at birth in the hospital.

Another difference when the second half of the sophomore run kicks up again Monday?

Bay (Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc), switched at birth when they were much younger, get new jobs and move in with their biological families.

To this end, a significant portion of the show focuses on the deaf community and is in sign language with subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

Instead of having deaf characters as side characters and integrated into the hearing community, for example Marlee Matlin’s character on .

"There's a fantastic scene with Emma and Ethan out at the trailer where they get into a very big fight," star Alexandra Chando tells "It's nice to see these two people who really love each other fighting In the penultimate episode, Emma (Chando) learned that her boyfriend Ethan (Blair Redford) had kissed her twin sister Sutton, also played by Chando.But Ethan and Emma have much more to deal with then their complicated love triangle."Bay starts working at an amusement park where there are leis and flowers in the hair," Marano says."For Bay, an old love interest Ty (want to start things back up.

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Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) and Alec (Adrian Pasdar) are now engaged (after just a few weeks of dating!

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